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Our Math Blitz comprises of 17 classes and our english blitz is 13 classes. These are live online blitzes that we have specially designed based on our years of experience teaching students how to prepare.  We have taught this course to national merit finalists. This course is requested frequently by parents because it covers each concept usually covered on the test. These in depth courses are ideal for the advanced students that been away from these types of problems while studying more advanced school material. It is also wonderful for those struggling with the material and need a little extra help on those concepts. 

SAT is an international standardized test required for admission into most of the colleges in the United States. It is also accepted in colleges in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada. SAT is developed and published by the College Board. 

SAT and ACT Workshops

This short workshop is an overview of every session of the test. We take you through each section and offer guidelines on how to study and what not to waste your time on. 

This workshop is fantastic for introducing students to the test.  If you feel that you need more work with the comprehension of the material, come take a blitz. If not, stick with us and work lots of practice tests. Either way, you will be getting the studying time you need and won't feel like you are in it alone!


You have so much going on in high school, it's easy to feel like you are really studying the material. You may be surprised that you are not getting the grades that you think you deserve. We find that this is usually the case when student's are just missing some small points. Math and Chemistry can be tough, especially if you haven't mastered some of the basics.  We have a unique hands on approach that makes sure you master the basics first so that we can help you with the current work. We hold your hand with daily accountability check ins and homework. 

We accept only a limited amount of students so that we can really spend time following up with 

each student, even if they are not being tutored that day.  You will not feel like you are in this alone with us!





Math and Chemistry Help


Our qualified tutors will take you on a discovery that will change your life

Our tutors work with us full time and are experienced teachers with masters degrees or PhD's in Engineering or related science fields.  Each of our tutors graduated in the top 5% of their graduating class and have scored in the 95%-99% percentile range in their college and graduate entrance standardized exams.  They all have at least 10-15 years of teaching experience and  have shown incredible results. You will not be paired with someone who has just learned the material themselves. Our dedicated, full time teachers have a stake of ownership in our company and will do anything to see you succeed. 

Your success is our success.


"It has been a wonderful journey. The tutors at Ashes to Phoenix met me, assessed my strengths and weaknesses and then designed a course just for me. It has gone a long way in getting me into college"

Payton Hillman

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