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OerHeks: ah I didn't mean to.. but what about the deb on their web site? I have it downloaded and currently working on a virtualbox to play with.. OerHeks: sorry, phone disconnected gbit86, did you follow the steps of #1 on the page you just linked? OerHeks: and 3? OerHeks: as mentioned, I have the.deb downloaded and am in the process of installing it on a virtualbox to play with. OerHeks: In trying to solve this issue, I had to install that deb via command line.. not on the GUI.. for some reason gbit86, so you have the key file installed? OerHeks: Yup, just did a./ to generate the wget commands great is there a way to see what is accessing your system without doing a ps aux | grep [something] ? OerHeks: Ok, so what is the answer? Dumb_Junkie: what do you mean by accessing? gbit86, ok, why you need the driver from linus torvalds is beyond me, to get 12.04 support on an eoan machine, i think you might try to use a ppa. but why not upgrade to 18.10 in virtualbox? OerHeks: So what I am trying to do is move from 32-bit to 64-bit OerHeks: Because there is a 64-bit kernel in Eoan now gbit86, well, this is not ubuntu support, that would be the reason. OerHeks: Sorry, I should have asked if I could use it. I will exit and try again OerHeks: Thanks!




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Telecharger Windev 18 Crack With Dumpteam Pack Hit bertleon

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