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Engine Fault Codes For Cat tamwane


engine fault codes for cat

Feb 5, 2009 I have a CAT 3406E with a 5-1-11 Cylinder 1-A code in ENGINE COOLANT FUEL CIRCULATION. The Check Engine light was coming on and I took it in to an out-of-state shop and they diagnosed it as a bad crank sensor. I could not find anything about this code on the net, so I was wondering if anyone knew why this code would be issued. I hope this is not a stupid question . Oct 18, 2008 I was on the phone with a customer who has a 1997 Cat 3406E and I explained to him that he has a bad crank sensor and he needs to take it to a mechanic because it can cause the engine to overheat and a bad crank sensor could cost him money if it burns up the engine or causes a runaway. He said he has no problems with his engine and didn't want to take the car to a mechanic. Is he wrong about that or is there something else wrong with his engine that I should tell him? A: A bad crank sensor will cause the engine to run rich with engine coolant flooding through the injectors and cause damage. The cylinder pressure will drop and the engine temperature will rise to dangerous levels. Eventually the engine will become too hot to operate. The cooling system is probably one of the most neglected and underserviced components in a Cat truck. If it is a mechanical unit you can open it up and if it is electronic it is in an obscure part of the wiring harness and may be hard to find. The engine should be kept well maintained. A: I have a 1997 cat 3406e and I have checked the sensor and it looks ok so I'm inclined to think it could be a wiring issue and not a sensor issue. The cat code Cylinder 1, 1A, means that one of the two sensors is not working, so it may have been a wire that has been cut, or a worn sensor (which may be replaced if you're not a Cat truck owner). My only concern would be if your engine temperature is really rising. There is a 3 second limit to the time between closing the purge valve and firing the engine. You should set up a trip, like a camera to go off for 3 seconds after you close the purge valve, then check it again after 5-10 seconds. If the temperature is still in the safe zone, then

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Engine Fault Codes For Cat tamwane

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